By Jesús Ballejo Villar
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“The woman, as a mother, is history; the man as a warrior and politician, makes history”

(Oswald Splenger, The Decline of the West, West, Volume I, p.185)


Before getting involved in the topic that concerns us today, we will ask for a synthesis analysis before reading this cycle of articles referring to a proscribed time, where much has been said, and little has been said. In the face of falsehood, we will pray to God not to abandon us in our imperial struggle against the LIE. And we will do it our way. We will fight falsehood not with our truth, but with the TRUTH, alma mater of LNT, this unbearable and incorrigible digital medium. To fully understand the ideological conception of National Socialism on the issue of women, one must bear in mind that Hitler’s movement was eminently popular. The programs and ideology in the III Reich were intended exclusively for the mass of the German people, without distinction, from the oldest wise to the smallest in the home.


 Feminism and Feminity


When it is said that the woman is first and foremost the mother, it appears in the eyes of our time as a sign of «machismo.» The National Socialist policy towards women addressed the mass of the population, the thousands of women in the pharmaceutical industry, the peasant population, women in workshops and factories. To those women who did not want rights, they wanted justice. They did not ask to go to university, it was enough for them to take care of their children and even to have them. Even today, women’s problems have not diminished. In front of the woman with a university degree, politics, the businesswoman, a mass of women coexist who must hide being pregnant, use contraceptives until they get their “indefinite contract”. Mothers who want to be with their children and cannot because of their long working hours, and spending the resources generated by this work in nurseries, kangaroos, pre-cooked meals…




Here the most debated and criticized issue on the concept of women in National Socialism is raised, but it is clear that motherhood is the priority objective, although certainly not the only one. A popular expression of the time that propaganda has misrepresented was the norm of the three «K», Kirche, Kuchen, and Kinder (Church, Kitchen, Children). However, the real meaning of these three «K» was Kirche, Kultur, Kinder, that is, Church, Culture, Children. The woman was considered «the bearer of life», the woman is the mother, who gives the people new generations. Man will never have the luck of such a miracle. THE GERMAN GIRLS WORK SERVICE would give women an education and a culture that would raise many women to important positions within the movement.


 The Family


The woman must first and foremost keep the family together and educate the children. Why? Simply because it is the best. Is it not absurd to advocate on the one hand the work activity of women, and then create legions of psychologists who must educate uprooted young people immersed in the world of drugs and alcohol? The mother is the best psychologist of her children, now that this trade is in fashion, and they will avoid cases of young people tired of existence, who want to live “to the fullest” even for a short period of time. Slow motion suicide. Some time ago an important fashion designer said that the father is a guest in the family. That when the father leaves the family everything remains the same, but when it is the mother who does it, there is a deep and sometimes irremediable problem. In this order of ideas, the mission of keeping the family together is fundamental, and National Socialism dedicates all its efforts to it. When there were cases of alcoholic parents, in other countries the measures of the police would be considered sufficient, however, the National Socialist assistance strives to get the wayward to return to the right path, ensuring first the existence of the family. It is easy and simple to understand that the whole nation depends on the proper functioning of the family and how solidly it is formed. A chain is as strong as its weakest link, says a famous German motto. The stability of a nation is based on the stability of the families that form it, and parodying Fitche, this is so and it is because it is.


Social Service in post of the community


It is important to stand at the time, six million unemployed, where cooperation was essential to achieve the objectives. The goal was difficult for families to have a maternal and paternal order, so the legislative terms had to be changed so that, although slowly, everything returned to its natural order. Pregnant women were replaced by students or reduced to jobs with little physical and schedule requirements. Substitution that was done 6 weeks before delivery, with full payment of the salary. But even before the war, the problem of those women who needed to work had to be solved and hence the organization «Neighbor Assistance» emerged. “A true son of the National Socialist community is helping the Neighbor. Nothing is more natural than the idea that in cases of need and trouble, the neighbor has to help the neighbor. Farmers, fishermen and people living in small communities, in a hard struggle for existence, practice this kind of help from the earliest times. ”The Labor Service served to cement that community, but also had a useful aspect. The girl of the city learned to love nature and animals, «together with the tireless ability to work the girl, it is the decisiveness of her liveliness, her love of the countryside and animals, something that can not be valued economically», we says the aforementioned work of Frieda Sopp, and in the substitutions of women at work that magnificent spirit was achieved.National Socialism was full of small organizations whose names surprise those who do not know in depth the ideology of the Third Reich. «Faith and Beauty», «The Beauty of Work», «The Force for Joy» … Hitler would say at the Nuremberg Congress of 1937: «The decisive thing is to lead our people to greatness if possible through the path of joy and beauty».


  Work, Education, Religion, Man…


For us, women have been the most loyal comrades at work and in the lives of men. “But, in addition to having the children, the woman must educate them and it is in that education, that the woman must first receive and then impart, where the gaze of the National Socialist ideology is concentrated. Keep in mind, in this regard, that unlike current education, in the III Reich the most important thing was physical training. Together with the security that gives the domain of the body itself, sensitivity to health, cleanliness and performance capacity is developed. This type of education is faced with the systems of our time that try to make women second-class men, committing the mistakes of men historically (infidelity, vices, alcoholism, selfishness …)The most obvious proof that it is men who dominate political ideologies and that their concept of women’s rights is purely macho, we can see that what is advocated is that women can do the same jobs as men. man, but there is NEVER talk about men doing women’s jobs. For that current reason, almost a century earlier, war was forbidden for women to be valued and worthy of their lives. Hitler, having been a participant in World War I, and having suffered the hardships that a war entails, had lived in his flesh such a heartbreaking moment and would never allow a German woman to go through the same thing. As Hitler rightly said, as long as there was a healthy man, a woman would never step on the battlefield.At the end of the war, it was the National Socialist woman who rebuilt Germany. The man gave his life, the woman gave his youth, but he did it with the same heroism and with the same modesty. The German woman, in short, was happy to be a woman, «neither envied nor envious.» Capitalism has managed to remove women from their homes, and what is the result? We can all see it: the destruction of the family and as a consequence a wobbly, uprooted and decadent society.Our society values ​​men for their economic successes. In a society like this, it is logical that women are undervalued because they do not “earn” money and therefore strive to earn it, because unpaid work is not considered work in our materialistic society and then the effort of women is not dedicated to work , but to make money, forgetting that the end of work is to be able to live and not the end of life to work. That young wife, even if she wants to stay at home, must work because she has been prepared to earn money but not to work in a creative and independent way.
The really important thing was to ensure that the work of the woman who needed to work could be combined with her domestic work. But above all there is our conviction that female youth must acquire in principle a skill the same as men. In Germany every young woman must learn in depth some professional work, but as there is the reason that we understand women as the mother of the nation, we strive to accommodate all working conditions to the condition of the body and soul of the woman. “Once this goal was created, we created the Women’s Section of the German Labor Front (Frauenamt der Deutschen Arbetisfront). Therefore, I take this opportunity to underline that more than eleven and a half million women are employed in various professions and occupations and that their interest is served by the Women’s Section of the Labor Front. In order to put these ideas into practice, the «Frauenamt» has proceeded to create the position of «Soziale Betriebsarbeiterin» (social worker of the industry) for each company that has employees in a considerable number of women. They will also ensure harmony at work by preventing rivalries, jealousy and irresponsible talk from poisoning the social atmosphere of work, helping those who are oppressed by domestic chores and collaborating to make work conditions as dignified as possible.When a society like the National Socialist judged work as an honor and there were no decent and unworthy works for it, it is logical that it did not value work except from the point of view that it is necessary work for the community. Our current society, although proclaiming otherwise, considers it much more worthy to be a banker than a woman of work. It has even reached the point of considering even the job of cleaning the house itself. In National Socialism it was necessary or useless, but not worthy or unworthy. While National Socialism spoke of women as mothers, they also spoke of fathers as fathers. There are in general as many fathers as mothers, and if the woman has taken over the house secularly, the man has taken care of hunting and war, which translated into this era, bring food and give security to the family.Another important facet in the mission of women was to maintain faith, and without faith it would have been impossible to rebuild Germany. Only hope in God could explain that superhuman strength that made reconstruction begin the day of the end of the war. Even after having suffered more than two million rapes by Russians and Americans. Mass rapes shouting: «We will strip you of your racial pride.»But it is absurd to educate children in the conviction of an exclusively earthly life. Something similar can be seen in those adults who try to ensure that children do not believe in the Magi or Santa Claus because, they say, it is to deceive them and fill their head with fantasies. The religious issue is fundamental in education. The child’s first look on a starry night will create you using compression problems that he will never solve throughout his life. Chesterton said in The Sphere and the Cross: “This whole world, strange to me, welcomes me, because in the innermost part of it there is a home; This cruel world is kind to me, because higher than the heavens, there is something more human than humanity. But the most wonderful thing about Creation is not the harmony with which everything is balanced, nor those wonderful mysteries of Eternity and Infinity, the most beautiful thing about creation is those feelings of goodness, heroism, self-denial, sacrifice, friendship and so many others who act totally against our interests, against the instinct of conservation, against our innate selfishness. Creating the physical man was a joke compared to creating the spiritual man.National Socialism wanted to create a sense of popular unity and the religious issue could make it difficult, but instead of acting as the liberal system that is suspicious of the power of the Church propagates materialism to subtract proselytes from religious confessions, National Socialism took an absolutely opposite attitude : The greater the identification of man with God, the less importance he would give to confessional differences. The white race has been the only one who has always placed women in a higher place, has respected and protected her. The mentality of the white man has been totally different from other peoples. There are thousands of examples of the baseness with which other peoples treat their women who will willingly vomit. «As I am strong I must protect the weak,» the white man reasons, «As I am the strong, the weak must protect me,» the other peoples reason.The white man, since the Middle Ages, going through the Renaissance or in Romanticism, has shown his deference to women. From the Minnesinger, from the famous Walter von der Vogelweide, to the poets of Romanticism, Schiller, Goethe, von Kleist, Theodor Store … the European man has tried to distinguish the woman with gentlemanly treatment. And that will come back sooner or later, because we want it or not, man is the same over the centuries, and times like ours, it’s a bad dream.





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